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  • School is equipped with modern and up to date equipments to ancilate teaching as well as to enhance the co curricular interests of the students.

  • The school has got well equipped Science and Mathematical Lab.

  • The Library of the school is also well stocked catering to the varying interests of the students (including Encyclopedias, story books, biographies etc.)

  • The school also has a very well equipped Computer Lab.
The school is affiliated to the Himachal Pradesh School of vide no. We follow modern and stress free techniques while imparting education to the students. More emphasis is laid on practical teaching than theoretical notes so that the child can co-relate the curriculum with day to day life as much as possible.

Most of the books are supplemented with CD roms for better understanding of the students. Audio visual aids are used with LCD and OHT projectors.

The school has got well-equipped Science lab, Mathematical lab, computer lab and a well stocked school library catering to various tastes of the students including encyclopedias, biographies, novels, magazines etc.

Subjects are offered as per CBSE guidelines. Punjabi/ Sanskrit is taught as additional languages.

The academic session begins in the first week of March and ends in the month of December.